All featured images were taken by and remain the property of Chris Brooks

The narrative was kindly written
 and supplied by
Mr Ken Crick

Broad Bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa)

A Species Narrative by Ken Crick


Welcome to my new style narrative, the content of which has been kindly written and supplied by Ken Crick. The narrative is intended to give an insight into the life cycle and characteristics of the featured species.  

Size: - Approximate Length 44mm - Wing Span 76mm.
Male: - (See above) The male has dark chestnut wing patches adjacent to the thorax and pale stripes on the upper surface of the brown thorax. It has a flat broad pale blue abdomen with yellow cusps on the sides of segments three to seven.
Female: - (See below) The female has the brown eyes and thorax of the male but an even broader abdomen, the yellow cusps are also larger and generally feature on segments four to eight. The pale stripes on the upper surface of the brown thorax also mimic the male. Older females can develop a bluish hue.

DSC_3665 Large e-mail view

Status: - Found in Englands southern and midland counties and Wales.

Habitat: - Found on a wide variety of water bodies and is a rapid colonizer of new ponds and even flooded tyre tracks left by heavy machinery. It also inhabits bog pools, ponds, canals and open well vegetated ditches. 

Flight period: - May to early August.

General: - The males are very aggressive and territorial, perching on a vegetative high point from which to launch aggressive forays against any intruder of whatever species of dragonfly.

Copulation is rapid taking only seconds and occurs on the wing. Females usually egg-lay alone by dipping their abdomen into the water as they fly low over the surface in and out of marginal vegetation.

Occasionally a male will be seen in flight guarding an egg-laying female but he is easily distracted by other dragonflies and rapidly deserts guard duty if another female appears.

The narrative was kindly written and supplied by Ken Crick

All of the features images were taken by and remain the property of Chris Brooks

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