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I have now used a succession of Canon EOS Digital SLR's to capture the images you see in my galleries. I started out with the 8MP EOS 30D, this had a 1.6x magnification factor, which was invaluable for macro photography.

This has the effect of making a 100mm lens effectively a 160mm lens. I then upgraded to the 10MP EOS 40D and fully intend to purchase the new 15MP EOS 50D. Both these models retain the 1.6 x factor but I anticipatethe 15 mega-pixels of the 50D will allow for some creative post capture cropping.

Canon EOS 40D

This is an extremely versitile digital camera which bridges the gap between entry level SLR's and the much larger professional models. However, it has all the features you will need in the field and does the job very nicely indeed.

It has a robust build and the quality of manufacture is evident as soon as you pick one up. It is a fairly light model and together with the Canon 100mm macro lens allows for very mobile photography without the additional hindrance of the use of some kind of camera support.

The 3 inch LCD screen provides large and clear previews of your images which allows you to check for any imperfections.

DSC_2939 Large e-mail view


I only use dedicated macro lenses in this field of photography. An all round zoom lens with a macro facility will not suffice and although you will still be able to obtain images they will not be of the quality of those when using a true macro lens.

I use a Canon 100mm USM macro lens. The USM relates to the "ultra sonic motor", which effectively means its very smooth and quiet when auto focusing.

Some lenses are quite noisy which could effect your subject matter. I also possess a Sigma EX DG 180 mm USM macro lens for really close up detailed images, using a monopod for stability.

A Useful Gadget

When taking either high up or low down images it's not always possible to look through the view finder of your camera. A useful gadget is the "Zigview Angle Finder". On digital SLR's there is a fixed LCD screen. Although some cameras now have "live view", I do not find this overly useful.

The Zigview is attached to the view finder of your camera and the live image is then shown on an adjustable and movable LCD screen.

This enables you to compose your image at arms length, which is very useful with species like the Scarce Chaser which perches at head height or above on tall umbellifers and emergent vegetation.

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