This image shows a male Four Spotted Chaser with all the body and wing parts named and labelled.
The description of each body part can be found within the glossary of terms set out below.

Dragonfly Topography

By Chris Brooks


Glossary of Terms

Compound Eye - The dragonflies eyes are made up of many thousands of lenses.

Costa - A vein in the front edge of the wings. In some species this may be coloured.

Frons - A large and often coloured frontal part of the face. In the Golden Ringed Dragonfly this is a bright yellow.

Pterostigma - An coloured patch on the front edge of each wing. This can be elongated or fairly short and can range from black through various shades of brown to red.

Antehumeral Region - The upper surface of the thorax. Many species have coloured stripes in this region which are an aid to species identification.

Abdominal Segments - The abdomen is divided into clear segments which are also an aid to species identification. A segment may contain areas of unique marking or colour.

Superior Anal Appendage - Also known as claspers and used in the mating process.

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