My Favourite Image Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator)


Emperor Dragonfly

The male Emperor is a large and particularly striking dragonfly. It has a vivid bright blue abdomen which makes it unmistakable. The female has an overall greener appearance and has a brown abdomen.

This dragonfly spends a large percentage of its time on the wing. When it does settle it is often at ground level and in very dense vegetation, making an approach impossible. This is a very easily disturbed dragonfly.

Occasionally on warm days they will settle on Gorse bushes or similar vegetation and with care images are possible. Additionally when perching to eat larger prey they may become slightly more approachable.

I was very pleased with this photograph. To get such a close up is a rarity and although the image quality has been compressed to save internet space, it still retains a good level of detail.

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