My Favourite Image Small Red Damselflies (Ceriagrion tenellum)

Mating Small Red Damselflies

This is a super image of a couple of Small Red Damselflies in the act of copulation or mating. They can be seen in the classic wheel position.

The male is perched on a vertical grassy stem with his anal claspers attached to the rear of her head. She completes the wheel by contorting her abdomen to join with his at its base.

Unlike some other species of damselfly, that tend to spread their wings during the act of copulation the Small Red's will sit with their wings closed and parallel to their bodies whilst in the wheel position.

This has the effect of producing an easy subject to focus on, which only requires a moderate depth of field setting in order to get the whole of the subject in sharp focus, whilst placing the backdrop nicely out of focus.

This sharp contrast in focus accentuates the subject matter.


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