This close up image of the male Golden Ringed Dragonfly is quite dramatic and shows off the head and leg parts which have been labelled for information.
The description of each body part can be found within the glossary of terms set out below.

More Dragonfly Topography

By Chris Brooks

Copy (1) of IMG_4735

Glossary of Terms

Compound Eye - The dragonflies eyes are made up of many thousands of lenses.

Antenna - Sensory organs on the top of the dragonflies head.

Frons - A large and often coloured frontal part of the face. In the Golden Ringed Dragonfly this is a bright yellow.

Labium - The lower mouth parts.

Tarsi - Two smaller lower segments of the dragonflies legs.

Femur - The upper and largest segment of the dragonflies leg, much the same as in human anatomy.

Tibia - The middle segment of the leg.

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